How to survive uninresting meetings.

I have found one great way to enjoy those boring meetings while giving an impression to everyone else that you are taking them seriously.

That method requires a notebook and pen. The moment someone opens their mouth you start taking notes. These notes should be nothing but what you think about the meeting, the person speaking and how you interpret their speeches.

For example when Mr X. says “Before Mr. Y gives you all the details let me tell you briefly why are we meeting here today”. This sentence goes into my notebook as “Mr. X said Before Mr. Y goes off his usual tangents and create an environment of confusion let me get to the point straight away”.

Similarly there are sentences like “Alice is overusing the word “basically”.”

“If lying increased the length of nose Mr. Z would have had a nose as big as effiel tower.”

If the speaker is a girl you can as well draw her naked portrait in your symbolic art.

Pay attention to details as to who is wearing what, how they are moving around , what stuff they are holding in and write a detailed commentary about it.

Finally you can always use following question to get these people to think by asking following questions

1. Is it really worth going all this trouble?

2. Why are we doing this in first place ?

3. Whose idea is this ?

4. Can we do this some other time ?

5. We are over thinking this.

6 . We need a fresh perspective on this.

7. We may not be the right people to make a decision on this.


3 thoughts on “How to survive uninresting meetings.

  1. Usually meetings are held to convey that -people, I am still your boss. Most of the times they don’t have any agenda and when they have it, no decision is made as they don’t have the power and those who do have power, they wont take a decision; and the vicious circle goes around.

    One more point to add to Akshar’s list is – What are they talking about? Does it make any sense?

    I would like to quote a funny incident here which took place during a call –
    There were 2 guys with the name Mr. M in the call (for reference we will use M1 and M2 here). M1 goes out to washroom in the middle of the call. At the same time, client asks for M1. M2 informs client that M1 has just passed away.
    Client is shocked! He says, he is extremely sorry to hear this and asks to send his condolences.
    M2 is quick to answer him – No, no… he will be back in 5 mins.

    The client must have thought that rebirth is indeed possible in India:)

    That’s communication!

  2. A CIA também identifica &qqot;anónimos&uuot; neo liberais?Com a malandragem que por aí anda e com receio que me roubassem o IP, guardei-o tão bem e não me lembro onde. Agora preciso de saber o nº para me recensear e votar no coelho sapiens!

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