Troubling the Trouble

A wise man once told me that “You should never trouble the trouble unless it troubles you”.

JEE is one heck of a trouble. By any standard it is one of the most competitive exam in the world. It is competitive not because of the exam itself but the manufactured lack of supply of good engineering education. There are just handful of good engineering colleges in India which cater to almost half million aspiring engineers.

However over years IITs have so successfully defended their forts through JEE. The exam has very high credibility and with every year it has matured to become one of the trusted exams in India. On an average a student spends 1-5 lakh of rupees on preparing for this exam right from early high-school education. Many profs in IIT say that the JEE is the best part of IIT education. It ensures that only the best minds come and hence there is no surprise they do well after coming in IIT and after getting out of it.

Mr. Sibbal seems to have this habit of coming up with solutions to non-existent problems or solutions that only complicate an existing problem. If he really wanted to reduce the burden on student the simplest thing he could have done was to fast track the development of the new IITs that his predecessor had opened up without any planning. He could have simply provided more funds to existing IITs to expand their campuses and capacity.

If he wanted some publicity he could have brought in more sweeping reforms in higher education by letting businesses run for profit institutes. You heard me right. Currently educational institutes are not allowed to make profits. Because it is not allowed large and organized businesses are reluctant to enter education space. However for those who have a lot of black money and who are good with politicians end up opening up colleges that mint money through various illegal means.

By touching JEE Mr. Sibbal who is otherwise popularly known as Zero Loss Sibbal has set to damage the whole IIT system.

I think it is a much better Idea to have multiple exams for Engineering admissions. One for IIT, one for NITs and one for state level engineering colleges. Say a student who has prepared well somehow fails to answer JEE well. He doesn’t have to wait another year for engineering admissions. He can answer AIEEE and instead get into some NIT.

Last few governments including the NDA government placed some incompetent people as HRD ministers. MM Joshi, Arjun Singh and Kapil Sibbal continue to do the damage. The way Sibbal behaves I wonder if UPA is a government of some kind of criminal syndicate who has been assigned the job to destroy this nation.

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