A quick poem

Note: I am not a poet.

शिद्दत करू तो हो सकता है तस्वीर में कैद सनम बाहर निकले
डरता हूँ कही वोह शीशे में कैद मेरे अरमानो का अक्स न निकले |

अरमानो के टूटने का डर निकला है कबका पार दिलसे,
डरता हूँ शीशे को जोड़ने की कोशिश कही बयाकार न निकले |

I have tried to put above lines the the Ghazal format but those who understand Gazal deeply will see that I have violated some rules here.  However I thought the metaphors I have used here are worth sharing on the blog.

The intended meaning is something like this.

First couplet:

If I try hard enough I might be able to take her out of that framed photograph. However I am scared that, what I think as photograph might turn out to be a mirror which is reflecting my desires.


Many times, we think that person X loves us. The framed photograph is a metaphor for that. Trying to take her out means actually telling her that I love her and attempting to turn that photograph into the reality (happy ending ;). However I am scared to do that. Why ? because many times we end up seeing what we “want” to see than the reality that is she doesn’t really love me; I feel that way (my admiration for her) because that is the reality I want to live in. The mirror that shows reflection (अक्स) of my desires is a metaphor for that.

Second Couplet:

In this I explain my fears. I am not scared of facing the reality that my dreams might get shattered if she gets to know that I love her and if she rejects me. But I am scared that once that happens, I wont be able to join back the pieces of mirror and get that original reflection back. ( बयाकार = futile). That is I wont me able to fantasize her in the same way. In a way I am happy to live in an eternal fantasy rather than face an uncertain reality.

This is not just above love. It is true in many cases where we like to live in an imagined world rather than confronting the reality just because that imagined world is better than the possibility of harsh reality.

Pretty much consistent with my post on Picture of Dorian Gray.

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