Goan Temples

I was on information diet and when I got back, I got the news that some so called casteist activists in Goa are demanding that the temples run by Saraswats must be opened to the extent that any person could go inside the Garbhagruha and perform a Puja. Currently, only those people mandates by the temple committee have the right to get inside the Garbhagriha.

I dont think Saraswat community has any need to get defensive on this issue. Traditionally and by the Laws constituted in 1886, these temples are not public bodies but private property of the respective clans. These clans have all the right to make whatever rules they want to make as long as they do not violate fundamental rights provided to us by constitution. The temple owners may close the temples completely, they may demand money for entry or they might set up a movie hall inside the temple its their matter and not one has any right to poke their nose into the affairs of the temples.

If some tom, dick or harry has any problem with this he is free to open a temple where he will deny entry to the people of his choice.

I dont care about religion and God. But I are about right of property. Today some people demand entry into someone private property tomorrow they will demand a share in the earning and day after tomorrow they will ask us to get out. Right of property must be protected.

Trespasser  should be prosecuted.

One thought on “Goan Temples

  1. Dont think so. What about the donations made to these temples. The money they get from selling the stall space outside the temples.

    Temples are for people. I don’t think they can be called private properties. How can some Saraswat from Udupi claim a temple in Kunkolim as his private property, when his ancestors left the place 200 years?

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