The Dark Knight Rises

This article contains no spoilers.

I have no waited so badly for any movie in my life. I am a die hard fan of batman and Chistopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises was supposed to be the end of batman trilogy and Nolan does it in a great fashion. Fans need not worry, movie has enough scope for bringing next versions of Batman movies as well but I dont think it will be happening any time soon or with the same cast.

Batman has two distinct sides. First is about he being the greatest detective on earth, his intellect his ability to stay one step ahead of his rivals and all those cool gizmos he uses. In a way any batman movie should be full of action and this movie most certainly has all that. Second thing about batman is his inner struggle. Bruce Wayne is a purpose less billionaire and batman is fighting a battle he can not win or end. Batman’s body has limits. Batman knows that and hence all his attempt is to be a symbol than a man.

The movie starts 8 years after Harvey Dent’s death. Thanks to the lie purpetrated by Batman and Jim Gordon, Harvey is a hero and Dent Act. has given police the power to go against the mob and thousands of people have been held up in the black-gate prison. Gotham is cleaner than ever and everything seems to be going on well. Then suddenly the police starts discovering an empire that is being build in the sewers. As the young cop Blake discovers the truth it is too late.

It becomes clear that the batman has to return. Bruce is old to take up the mantle of Batman against younger and stronger enemy called Bane. Those who have read the original comics will understand that Bane is not a criminal like Joker whose objective is to just see things burning. He wants to break Batman both physically as well as mentally. He is also trained by Ras-ul-gul and he succeeds in breaking batman both physically and mentally.

Batman goes through tremendous pain throughout the movie. It becomes very depressing to see batman losing almost every time. But there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.

I must admit that I had sky high expectations from the movie which were not fully met. I would still say the The Dark Knight was a better movie than The Dark Knight rises but this is still a movie you should not miss.


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