What the BJP needs to do

I am not so sad with what congress party has been doing but I am more sad at the BJP is approaching the problem that our nation is facing. This is not necessarily the criticism of the party. BJP had tried hard to expose the congress government. BJP’s current stand that it will not let parliament conduct any business unless the PM resigns is being termed as counter productive to a democracy but then we must also understand that what we have in our country today can not be termed as democracy but instead is a incompetent dictatorship.

Congress has been appealing that the BJP must debate the issue in the parliament. The point is what will that lead to ? The parliament debated Janlokpal in the house and that has lead to no results. the JPC on 2G has lead to no results. The government has already questioned the credentials of the CAG and the star ministers have maintained their “zero loss” statement with regard to all the scams. With that kind of attitude where the ruling party is not willing to admit any mistake, the opposition can not play it’s role legitimately.

The blame here is on the general public or the middle class who is apathetic to the over all political activities in the country. People like Kejariwal and Anna have termed all politician and all politics as bad. People dont listen to debates in the parliament. For example the BJP might debate the issue in the house and prove that congress has erred. That means nothing to the Congress because people either already know the reality of congress party or they are not bothered at all.

Our own moral fabric is torn. We have accepted corruption as part of life and we fail to hold out politicians accountable for their actions and demand high standards of character. The media houses like NDTV sound as mouthpiece of congress party in their reporting and through it’s censorship and intimidation the government has tight control over what people see and read. In times like this asking BJP to sort the issue by making speeches in the house is like asking the 5 year old to jump off the building with an umbrella as parachute.

2014 elections can be a cake walk for BJP if it does only one thing right. That is prove itself as an alternative to this corrupt government. BJP does not have to try hard to prove that Congress is corrupt, everyone knows that. What BJP needs to do it to prove that if they are voted in, they will do things differently. This means radical changes that inspire confidence in voters. Swift action against the black0-sheeps in their own party and a display of strength and unity from time to time.

BJP has failed on that count. Initially, it supported Yeddy then it changed it’s mind and then again they are not sure about what to do. Narendra Modi appears to be a person who has a claim on the thorn of PM’s chair. Instead of supporting him the leadership is busy painting him as just another CM. The other potential candidates for the post of PM from BJP’s side is the old Advani and the Leaders of both the houses. Neither of these three have much of public support. Advani had his chances and he botched it up. He must be shown the door. The other two are lawyers who stand for nothing and capable of arguing on the both sides of argument.

If BJP declares Narendra Modi as it’s PM candiate, that is certainly going to irk the congress. It might give congress a chance to play it’s secular card heavily and the communal vote banks might ignore Congress’ sins and still vote for them, but Narendra Modi’s national image might help BJP scoop some seats from the regional parties.

I hope BJP does that.

One thought on “What the BJP needs to do

  1. Nice portrait of the current state of affairs. Six years ago when UPA1 came into play, BJP was looking senseless and immature. But congress has further lowered the standard of immaturity with UPA2. I hope, BJP has learned from it’s mistakes, and when it comes into the power this time, it raises the bar high.

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