Narendra Modi and Story of a wife beater

One of my teachers who was about to retire often told a story. I never understood the moral of the story but looking at what media talks about Narendra Modi I think I have grasped its crux.

There was this small hamlet where every evening people use to gather around a house. The house belonged to the leader (Mukhiya) of that hamlet. However the reason why people gathered there was a bit different. People gathered because they use to hear some violent noises. Noises of utensils being thrown somebody being beaten up badly with a wooden stick followed by the Mukhiya’s raised voice that uttered bad-words that increased the vocabulary of the children.

Many people assumed that the Mukhiya beats his wife every evening. Some people cursed him and felt sorry for his wife who took the beating silently. Where as some men started respecting him because they thought beating up your wife is a symbol of masculinity.

The reality however was completely different. It was actually the wife who use to beat up her husband badly. To save his image this poor men however made noises that use to give an impression to the outside people that it was other way round.

It was important for the mukhiya to do this to protect his false sense of masculinity in the hamlet.

Now comes the moral of the story. If we closely follow the rhetoric that the media has been paddling against Modi you will find the exact same trend. First they called him murder and then wanted him hanged. When that did not happen they wanted him to be thrown from CM’s post, when that did not happen they tried to find some unsatisfied souls and tried to spread canards, even when that did not happen now they have reduced all their rhetoric to only one thing “Modi should apologize”. Even that will not happen.

Our media is like that Mukhiya. It has got this false sense of social justice and secularism because of which it think that unless they criticize Modi they cant claim superiority. In reality it is Modi who is beating them up. People are siding with Modi and calling media a harlot for sale. Modi is going from strength to strength and media is losing it’s credibility day by day.

All that was necessary to prick the Mukhiya’s fake image was a kid peeping through the window to look at the reality of this Mukhiya. That already has happened with the media through Nira Radia tapes.

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