It is wrong to compensate Truck owners with public money

Now that the mining business in Goa has come to a halt, the various sections of society who were dependent on it economically are now demanding compensation. I don’t know what the government will do. Mr. Parrikar has played his hand like an astute politician and has demanded that the central government should declare a compensation package for these people. The central government is as good as bankrupt. It has failed to meet almost all the targets so far and it facing a strong credit crunch. It is for this reason the government wont declare any such package. Secondly, even if it does it is Mr. Parrikar who will be thanked and not the Congress.  Thirdly, Goa has only two Loksabha seats and the mathematics of votes doesn’t justify government spending so much money on a tiny state like Goa.

Irrespective of what government does it will be a big mistake on government’s part to provide any kind of compensation for the people involved in mining business. Mining is one of the oldest business in Goa. Recently under the Congress led Digamber Kamat government people got a free hand in growing this mining industry legally or otherwise. The demand was fueled by china. The government failed to do it’s duty as a regulator of industry and protector of public interest. The businesses themselves saw this as an opportunity to make exorbitant profits overnight, the people wanted to wash their hands in this windfall and purchased trucks.

What must be noted here that everyone here was aware of the fact that this so called boom is fueled by illegalities. That by participating in this, they are promoting it. I am not even talking about the environmental impact here. These people were selfish, through a corrupt government they tried to control the market forces and make money at the cost of our quality of life and environment. The illegalities reached such proportions that everything had to eventually collapse through a supreme court order.

If government funds are utilized compensate any of these components the government will be incetivizing the people who break laws for their selfish gains an punishing those who refused to do so. Our tax money must be used to build roads and hospitals and not to compensate a failed truck businessman.

One might argue that even the legal mines are closed and hence those who did not do anything illegal are also being punished unfairly. I dont buy that argument. For professionals it is important that maintain a certain standards for their own fields. For example when the legal mine owners if at all they exist has seen their peers engaging in illegal activities they should have acted not for anyone else’s sake but for their own business’ sake. For example if a registered motorcycle taxi lets other private bike owners operate from their taxi stand they lose the right to ask for the any kind of compensation.

Tomorrow if my favorite programming language suddenly becomes obsolete as it often happens in technology will the government compensate me ?

2 thoughts on “It is wrong to compensate Truck owners with public money

  1. Yes, the same logic applies to farmers too. Things like basic minimum price, agricultural subsidies these things are not doing any good to the economy or the farmers except providing a false sense of temporary relief.

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