This is horrible!

Reality Check India

Normally a constitutional amendment would make front page news and generate a ton of debate, columnists would explore the issue in detail, the media would cover life stories.  In a tiny story tucked away in an obscure corner, I noticed that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has swung into action and has convened an all party meet on May 23th.

The rupee is tanking, the economy has slowed down, crushing power crisis threatens to shut plants, maoists rule the heartland, farmers die, FDI policy is on ventilator, telecom lawsuits and international arbitration loom, budget deficits are out of control, scams and scandals everywhere. None of these could move the PM – yet a ruling by a 2 Judge bench, which we shall see shortly has been misinterpreted, can make the entire political class sit up.

I’ll try my best to throw some light on the matter in this post…

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