Cinematic Experiences of 2012

Best Movies

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Most awaited movie of Christopher Nolan and the last movie of the Batman trilogy. The TDKR was action packed and superfast compared to the previous two installments and left all the batman fans satisfied. The previous installments of Batman trilogy had set the bar too high for the third film but it did not dissapoint at all despite it’s flaws. Hats off to Nolan and Christian Bale.

2. Life of Pi

Life of pi was an eye candy to watch. As it ends it also throws up some interesting questions.

3. Paan Singh Tomar

I was totally skeptical about a bio-film of a never heard before athlete but the movie was not just entertaining but also shedding light on realities of India, the apathy of of our police system and life of a person who is rebellious in nature.

4. Kahaani

Kahaani is the first Indian suspense movie that was actually made intelligently.

5. Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2

I do not like Hindi heartland as a geography and society but I do love the entertainment that it produces. Wasseypur was probably inspired by Tarantino. It did not live upto my expectations but was a good attempt.

6. Aiyya

I dont like Rani Mukharjee but the movie was superb. It was very surreal in it’s portrayal. It was a remake of 28 minute marathi movie segment called Gandh. Aiyya touched my heart.

7. Ishqzaade

I watched Ishqzaade with ZERO expectations and was totally blown away. The movie is misogynistic in it’s narrative, some called it rape romance but despite all I liked it. At least it was better than nonsensical SRK romance movies.

Worst Movies of 2012

1. Dabang 2

2. Jab tak hain jaan

3. Bol Bacchan

4. Son of Sardar

5. Ek Mein aut Ek tu



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