The progress of my book

I had previously blogged that I am writing a book. I had even thought of a rough story line. It turns out that writing book is a tough task. However I have taken up the challenge. The book has moved slowly but it has progressed in a predictable manner. I am targeting August 2013 as a the deadline for first draft. Many friends were very kind to offer me their time. I will mail the pre-first draft version to them.

I had done significant background research on the topics but clearly it is proving to be inadequate. I had started reading “complete unbridged Mahabharata” as a preliminary exercise in understanding Indian way of storytelling.

By now a lot of Indian fantasy books have hit the stores and they have got insanely popular. This is a good sign. What I dont like however is that these books despite being rooted in Indian “itihasa” they aren’t following Indian ways to telling a story. My book will be much more faithful to the Indian way of story telling.

I hope I get successful.

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