Policing is not a solution to piracy, innovation is!

Yes, piracy is illegal and it should remain so. However big media houses and government regularly come up with plans to hurt the p2p networks in the name of controlling piracy. Things to remember about government and large corporations is that they care very less about people’s freedom or ethics in general. They just want to reduce their headache and will ruthlessly weed out anything that comes in their way. Well, that is reality and we cant really do anything about it in short term.

For example using terror attacks as an excuse Indian government wants to monitor all our electronic communication. The private messages that are shared between couples are also available for government sleuths.

Similarly media houses who care about their profits care little about general internet populations freedom. They will be very happy to ban all p2p networks lock stock and barrel. But then they cant do that. Hence the ban will come in step by step manner and they will try to kill them eventually with death by thousand cuts strategy.

Here is the first cut:

tarting Monday, most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that could force them to complete educational programs, and even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl.

A source with direct knowledge of the Copyright Alert System (CAS), who asked to not to be named, has told the Daily Dot that the five participating Internet service providers (ISPs) will start the controversial anti-piracy program Monday.

The real reason why piracy is prevalent is that the current distribution system of these media houses is broken. They want to lock-down users into expensive monthly payment models along with additional tax. See what one member on HN says

Game of Thrones (the most pirated show of last year) comes out in March. Still not for sale at any price unless you have a cable package AND one of their authorised ISPs (plus $18+tax/month).

Maybe companies like HBO should update their business practices to something roughly compatible with 2013, instead of trying to legal threat everyone into submission.

If they sold it on iTunes, YouTube, or Hulu+ they’d convert tons of pirates into paying customers. People want to give HBO their money but HBO literally won’t take it…

So HBO wants to have it’s cake and eat it too. Pirates are an excuse here.

Also for most of the stuff piracy isn’t causing as much loss as it is projected. A lot of stuff people download on torrents is something they would not have spent any money for. Also, they download other stuff which they purchase nevertheless. For example I first downloaded Star Wars saga on torrents and later got so involved into it that I purchased it. Star Wars DVDs have been topping the Amazon charts for so many years now despite the fact that pirating them is very easy. Same is the case with Batman comics I have read.

Torrent networks have helped us make better purchase decisions when it comes to entertainment and this is probably hurts the large entertainment companies.

The solution to this problem is that they should come up with much more innovative distribution models.

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