Three friends walk into a bar

Based on a real incident.

Three friends walk into a bar (including yours truly). A girl walks in. One of us is good at the game. He starts a conversation. Everything is going well and me and the other friend now decide to move away. But then the first guy tells the girl “You remind me of Wonderwoman”. I turn back and politely disagree. (When it comes to Superheroes and Superheroines I am a fanatic and tend to lose all the shyness). “Wonderwoman is very beefy” – Me. “And WW is beefy” says the third friend. Now our hero is totally angry. Common’ the resemblance is obvious. – defends he.

Excuse me guys, I don’t follow what you are saying. – says the brunette.

My friend says with a slightly raised voice. “You wait a second, we are discussing something important here”.

The girl unable to control her disbelief walks out on us. (I think my friend save a couple of bucks there. )



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