For a better internet privacy

Even for tech savvy people, it is not very obvious as to how different companies are trying to profile us. Companies like Google and Facebook have collected huge amount of information about us and they probably know lot more about us than our near and dear ones.

Every time you go online, you are being tracked by numerous companies. This information is not as secure as you might think and many times government can easily force these companies to get that information on you.

This browser extension is pretty awesome tool in protecting your online privacy

Couple this tool with

Which will block all the ads on the page.

Always use Firefox. Never use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer if you care about privacy.

I personally use following rules

1. Never share personal information on facebook including photos.

2. Never use real names on any other websites

3. Use disposable email addresses for services which are new to me

4. Surf mostly using Incognito mode.

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