The Chinese Model of Governance

China is supposed to a communist state. In reality, China is not. Chinese model of governance is very different from the western model of democracy or the classical communist model which was adopted by Soviet Russia. If this orator is to be believed China’s government model can be called “Meritocracy”. For the uninitiated India is a “kakistocracy” (government of least competence and most corrupt).

China initially bought the Communist idea and like most other communist states failed. Later it evolved it’s own version of communism today very little of that original model remains.

I agree with author that democracy is not necessarily the final step of evolution of government models, it is probably an intermediary step. I believe that eventually we would evolve a system where most competent people would get into higher positions unlike the democracy where “popular” people get into power.

What I do not agree with however is that, individual freedom needs to be sacrificed for such models. If China has any Achilles heel then it is probably the lack of individual freedom.



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