A few interesting facts about Mahabharata

http://themahabharata.tumblr.com/   has a good collection of trivia about Mahabharata. It is very little known fact that even today Mahabharata is the largest fantasy story every written though soon it will be exceeded by George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire which is an equally remarkable tale.

Here is a brief summary of the post:


4. Krishna Dwaypayana wrote Mahabharata in 100,000 shlokas.

5. There was an appendix to Mahabharata called Hari Vansha

However today we have only 90,000 shlokas including Harivansha which means we lost pretty much half of Mahabharata in the course of time.

6. Even with 90,000 shlokas it is easily bigger than every other epic in the world. It is 4 times bigger than Ramayana.

7. Mahabharata as it is available today has around 2 million words.
Compared to:
Lord of the Rings: 570,000 (Half million)
Song of Ice and Fire:1,770,000. (Around two million)(This is work under progress and might break the record of Mahabharta)
Harry Potter: 1,084,170 (One Million)
Homer’s Illiad: 340,000


Source: http://themahabharata.tumblr.com/post/63151826940/what-makes-mahabharata-so-amazing


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