The Nigerians in Goa

Here is a funny video of a group of Nigerians bulling the Goan policemen/women and shutting down NH-17 at Parvari.

I find it funny for multiple reasons. The police appear to be as helpless as Bulla’s Sister in the hands of Ibu Hatela [link]. The above video is a dark comedy and the joke is on us.

The problem is not with Ms. Kashyap or Mr. Parrikar. The problem of law and order is much deeper. Police force in India is a relic of colonial raj. Instead of building a system that is supposed to maintain law and order, Police system has existed as an arm of government used to suppress people. Well, all government tends to be oppressive if the people do not show the willingness to guard their own freedom.

It is known that our police are not trained well, not equipment well and have almost zero freedom when it comes to decision making. They substitute their lack of competence by troubling ordinary people like you and me. The government and Police both have become like parasites. They put more and more restrictions on ordinary law abiding citizens to make their own life simpler.

For example today we can not enter a temple without being frisked, we can not enter a mall or multiplex without being frisked. If there is possibility of riots, government bans SMS, we can not have access to free WiFi at coffee shops and we can not buy a sim-card or even use a cyber cafe without providing identity proof. None of these restrictions have prevented terrorists from blowing up people every now and then. It has only restricted freedom of people like you and me.

All these pervasive restrictions that police and government continues to put on us had only one purpose. Hide their own incompetence and create a delusion that they are doing “something”.

So when these incompetent policemen face a crowd that gives a shit about the police and who are physically stronger, the police appear like Bulla’s helpless sister.

The reason why we have such police force is because of the general ignorance of the society about nature of government and governance in general. Existence of government and police is not to restrict our freedom it is other way round. People have failed to see this and hence have not put any pressure on the politicians to change the system. We have meekly accepted all the restrictions that the government has put on us.

A lot of Goans are shouting at top of their voice that foreigners should not be allowed to bully locals but other way round is perfectly fine. If the police on ground makes a distinction between non-Goan and Goans we have already failed. Law and order is independent of individual identities. For example as an outsider in America I am confident the American cops will not treat me any differently that an American citizen.

In that regard people’s ignorance about the role of police and law is astounding. We have MLAs who threaten to take law into their hands and are still roaming free.

Also, I think Ms. Kashyap actually did a very good job of ensuring that the situation does not escalate. She did not allow the locals to take law into their hand and neither took more extreme measures to control the Nigerians. For example she could have ordered to fire at the Nigerians but that would have made matters only worse.

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