Justice is dead

Supreme Courts in past have described how government should do mosquito control, how spectrum should be auctioned and recently shown great outrage against using red beacon on top of VIP vehicles. However when it came of Article 377, an article which makes all sort of non-penile and vaginal sex an offense, the same court chickened out and presented some ridiculous logic to deny the right of individuals to live as they want.

It does not matter what the culture says, it does not matter what the religious books say, it does not matter whether homosexuality is inborn or acquired or just matter of choice. It is the right of individual to decide where and how to put his genitals. It is nobody’s business to interfere in that.

Those people have any moral issues with other forms of sexual intercourse may refrain from having that kind of sex. But they have no right to dictate to the rest of the world their own misplaced morals. Besides the usual mullahs, church and Baba Ramdev, I was surprised to see Dr. Swamy behaving like an asshole on this subject. Given that he is well educated and has global exposure I had expected better from him.




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