The tragedy back home

A building complex has collapsed in my hometown killing approximately 20 people and many more stilled buried in the debris. Government has announced compensation for the dead, just the way it does when someone gets raped. Congratulations for CM Parrikar to show the courage and actually reach the place to oversee rescue operations.

A lot of “Goa is my holiday home, keep it backward for sake of my pleasure” type people will cry a river now about Goa is being concretized for the sake of outsiders or how mega projects are bad. Legality of the collapsed “Ruby Apartments” was always questionable but I was actually happy to see such a large planned complex coming to Cancona. For last decade or so Cancona had nothing but a 5 star hotel and rest entire Taluka looked like some godforesaken land.

Automobiles are not bad because someone dies in an accident. Similarly, planned projects which use the land for its optimal purpose giving maximum benefits to the land owner are essential.

More than the builder, I would hold government responsible for this mess. I hope all the files about Ruby Apartments are opened and the government officials who are found guilty of negligence in their duty are fired or even better charged with murder case. It must also noted that the idiotic blanket ban on sand mining by a supreme court  could also be the reason that builders now resorting to substandard material for building construction.

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