The Story of a Frog Colony

There was a colony from frogs in a well. The frogs fought against each other for petty reasons. This made the whole colony a bit disturbed. Everyone thought that something needs to be done. Some frogs argued that they need a power to bring in some discipline. So they invited a snake into their well.

It was agreed before the old gods and the new that whenever two frogs fight, the snake will eat both of them. Most frogs thought this was a great idea. It will put an immediate end to the fights they argued. Some frogs however were a bit skeptical. They said that what if the Snake is a vile one, does not honor is promise and starts eat us one by one ? These skeptics were brushed aside by the majority of the frogs. But as a precaution they made an elaborate rulebook for the snake.

This formula worked wonders for the well. The snake ate a dozen of frogs on the first day and next day onwards everyone was quite. They hailed the formula as a great success. A few days passed and a female frog happened to argue over some family matters with her husband. The snake was prompt to eat both of them. 2 other frogs came forward arguing that this was unfair as the matter was purely domestic in nature. The snake showed the rulebook that said the fight will be judged by the snake based on the noise level alone.

Soon every frog was terrified to even talk with anyone. Snake turned more and more hungry. But was confused as to how to feed himself when no frog made a noise. The frog colony was devoid of all communication by now and found it difficult to do even day to day jobs.

Soon two fat frogs came up with a brilliant idea. They approached the snake. They created a truce. So the large frogs would attack a group of small frogs and when the small frog tried to fightback, the snake would eat the small frogs claiming they were fighting among each other. If anyone raised voice against this, they were eaten too.

The small frogs befriended the large frogs and would seek their help in settling every major issue. The snake would ignore the noise made by the friends of large frogs and their friends but eat everyone else up.

The Moral of the Story

When the trust among individuals in a society is low, they seek intervention from a third party which often turns out be less credible than the individuals themselves. This appears like a logical solution at first but becomes a cancer soon enough. Indian society is the best example. We seek government intervention into everything because we do not trust anyone. The government intervention creates lot more serious effects than the initial trust deficit.


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