Another low for Parrikar’s government

Manohar Parrikar is looking more and more helpless these days. I am pretty sure all these compromises are going to cost him a big deal.

Parrikar said that no permissions were ever granted to Olacabs to run a taxi service in the state and that in future too  players from outside Goa would not be allowed to run such a business at the cost of local taxi operators, for whom this is the only source of livelihood.

This should be read as the tax mafia blackmailed Parrikar to introduce a monopoly of local tax operators and denied Goans and tourists an option for potentially cheaper and better service. By doing this sort of nonsense we can almost be sure that Goans will not see a service like Meru or Cool-cabs in near future. The solution apparently bring in some sort of “regulated prices”. As if we haven’t learned any lessons that fair regulation only leads to serious problems.

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