Those who will be dislocated by change are here, they are organised, they are vocal, they have 60 years of leftist hectoring on their side. And, because of the perverse nature of the media, these persons get a disproportionate amount of coverage. On the other side, those who will eventually benefit from the change are in the womb of the future. They are not organised. And, in spite of the clearest contrast between the stagnation in the period before 1990 and the growth in the period after that, the advocates of change remain on the defensive. No prime minister, howsoever strong, can disregard this balance of forces. Nor can he disregard the lack of knowledge and the consequential clamour of his party, of the political class a whole — in Parliament and beyond it. [Arun Shourie in Indian Express]

Humanity would have progressed at a much faster rate if we had learned to pay more attention to disruptive ideas and given them a chance to prove themselves. But evolution has made us averse to change and disruption.

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