How things change!

This is a Newshour debate related to recently leaked IB report that various Indian NGOs are acting as foreign agents hurting India’s economic interests by opposing any major project on frivolous grounds.

Lets not go into the merits of the report itself.

Interesting part here is that, 2 years back Anna Hazare who was not known anywhere except in Maharahstra became a national hero, Kejriwal and sundry activists leading various NGOs got into limelight. People had more faith in these activists rather than anyone in media or government. UPA government ministers said exactly the same thing as the leaked IB reports. The claimed that the NGOs backing the anti-corruption movement were funded by foreign powers. No one bothered to debate that allegation as everyone thought it was rubbish.

Today, tables are turned. Most NGOs, activists like Medha Patkar are looked upon with suspicion. How did that come to pass ?

A lot of political pundits speak about vacuum. The vacuum of credibility in UPA government was so low that dwarfs like Hazare and Kejriwal looked like giants. They immediately moved into the vacuum created by Congress Party’s mal-governance. This was made possible by equally pathetic BJP which failed to occupy that space before these NGOs could.

Now Mr. Modi has walked into PMO, increasing the hope of people, lending more credibility to PMO and his office. Suddenly IB’s report appears credible. More specific information such as foreign security experts were helping these NGOs with firewalls etc. make it even more believable.

My personal bet is that this report has been leaked deliberately by Mr. Modi to send a much clear signal to different NGOs and their foreign handlers. Here is a report on how Hillary Clinton used her connections with Indian NGOs to deny Mr. Modi a US visa.

These present and retired officials claimed that “during the tenure in office of Secretary Clinton, several expert teams in the guise of NGOs were sent to Gujarat to try and find mass graves”. The purpose was to then take the matter to the Office of the UN Commissioner of Human Rights in Geneva as an example of genocide. “In 2011, some bones were discovered in a Gujarat field by one of the search teams and there was much excitement, but these were later found to be buffalo bones”, an official said. The official added that “no evidence whatsoever of mass graves was uncovered in Gujarat despite six years of clandestine searching for them” by undercover experts posing as representatives of NGOs. He added that “five politicians, three from the state and two in Delhi, assisted the search teams, but the information given by them proved unproductive”.

Not as a personal vendetta but in national interest Modi and GoI needs to move fast against these NGOs who have be working against India’s interest. It is a shame that UPA government did not.

Goa has already suffered a lot by this lot who have mindlessly opposed every major project in Goa without presenting any credible arguments. Hopefully if Mr. Modi manages to gag these NGOs and trouble makers elsewhere, their Goan counterparts will fall in place too.

The lesson is fore public: Louder your guest speaks about his honor, faster you should count your spoons.

One thought on “How things change!

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