Congratulations to Modi and Parrikar for refusing anti-Goan demand of “Special Status”

Some trouble mongers in Goa presented the demand of so called special status under which resident Goans will not be allowed to sell their property to anyone outside Goa. This is a blatant violation of private property rights of Individuals (which sadly aren’t as important in India as in more freerer countries).

More importantly this is a violation of private property rights of the Goans themselves. Why would any self respecting proud Goan would expect such horrible “special status” in first place ?

Firstly, there is a Church and other political groups who fear that inward migration will damage their political clout in Goa. Secondly, there are genuinely ignorant individuals who can see the problems with migrants and property buying spree but cant see the benefit that it brings.

Migrants are clearly creating a public nuisance in India by shitting in public spaces, crimes and so on. But at the same time they bring in the economic advantage of cheap labor which is not worth overlooking.

Also, the amount of money that outsiders are pouring in Goa to buy property and create apartments actually leads to better quality projects and much lesser costs. It is outright stupid to think that any major construction company will build the same quality of Apartments as now with lower price points in future just because of special status. On the contrary, we can look at Ruby Residency’s example as what kind of apartments we will get everywhere in Goa if investments from outside the state stop.

I think Mr. Parrikar has shown a great political acumen in smartly shelving off the Special Status demand and for that he needs to be congratulated.

Interestingly when Late Shri Mathani Saldana passed away the church was quick to prompt his wife’s name as a possible candidate leaving BJP no choice but to field her. It was clear that this lady was probably a remote controlled MLA of different religious-political groups.



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