Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is merely a celebration of British leaving this country. Unfortunately we are still far away from actually getting anywhere closer to the idea of freedom.

Freedom is not freedom from foreign rule. Freedom is the freedom of individuals just to be themselves without the government interfering in their personal lives.

Here is the list of freedoms that Indians don’t have :

  1. Freedom of Speech
    Indians are not allowed to speak anything that may hurt someone else’s sentiment even if what is being said is 100% true to work of fiction.
    Indians are not allowed to speak anything that the local police officer might think annoying.
    Indians are not allowed to critize or pass jokes on politicians.
  2. Freedom of Worship
    Hindu temples are controlled by government and all donations to Hindu temples would go to government where as all other religions are free to setup their own places of worship and run them whatever way they want.
  3. Selective Freedom. Some are more free than others.
    Some of us are less free than others. Based on the religion and caste you were born in the law treats you differently. If you belong to a majority community you can not build institutions that are free from government interference. Only minorities get that right.
  4. Freedom to build education institutions
    Indian government does not give you the freedom to setup any educational institute of your choice and impart education of your choice. Only non-profit organizations are allowed to setup institutions and closely follow dictats of UGC and State governments.
  5. Freedom to love
    Same sex couples loving each other is a crime in India.

The list would go on. But the key point is that we are very far from getting “free”.

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