The right to kiss

As per this report some people in Kerala were arrested for kissing in public. This raises some interesting questions which can not be answered easily. Can people kiss in public ?

The problem here is that the space is public and hence no one really owns the place. (Even government does not own the public space to make arbitrary rules). The society may from time to time agree on what sort of behaviour is allowed or not.

Our society is changing fast and the outlook of younger generation towards display of affection and love or merely sexual pleasure is increasing fast. I am pretty sure few decades down the year we will be surprised to even remember that once kissing in public was a crime.

More and more the free society is colliding with archaic laws which have failed to keep up with time. This include the article 377 which criminalizes homosexuality.

People by default dont have the right to kiss in public, if they want that right they have to fight the long political battle necessary. If majority of the people think such behaviour is acceptable then the law may make it permissible.


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