PK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I watched PK. It is an average movie. It surely makes fun of Hindu temples, customs and rituals but again, a film maker should have that right. The real issue with the movie is that it is mediocre and too preachy.

It is hard to make a movie that moves people. Amir Khan was hugely successful in doing so in Tare Zamin Par. The real issue with PK is that it deals with the subject that is far too complex for the talent of Amir Khan and Hirani. Faith, superstition, rituals are not often black and white issues but come in shades of gray. Even then it is possible to criticize religion and faith by taking a principles position. Something like Christopher Hitchens would do.

It takes lot of courage to do so. Courage that I dont think Amir Khan or Hirani had. They have chosen Hinduim because they know that it will mostly lead to some Twitter trends and nothing more. Certainly nothing that happened with Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen. When you take such stand which is based on convenience and not principle you lose the right to be preachy about any issue.

Some people like Baba Ramdev have demanded that people should boycott this movie. This is not really a bad thing. In a free society movie maker should be free to make any movies which even deliberately offend people at the same time people should be free to boycott such movies.

Liberals often rush and equate calls for boycott with those who are using violence against the theater. Opposite is the case, when people like Ramdev call for boycott they are essentially encouraging people not to resort to any other methods like violence. It is not same.

Some assholes like the ones on Bajrang Dal etc. have tried violence and threats. Ideally in my opinion theater owners should employ armed guards and shoot such people. Of course that is a utopian expectation, we can at least expect the acche din government to round up all this goons.


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