A question to ponder

It is almost universally accepted that drunk driving is bad. But go to think about it most of the people who drunk drive do not meet with an accident. Only a small fraction of people who are driving under influence of alcohol meet with an accident.

Around 100m people get behind the wheel in USA each day out of which, around 300,000 are believed to be drunk. That is merely 3%. Out of these 300K, there are around 30 fatal accidents each day which is around 0.01% of total people who were drunk. Which basically means rest 299970 people drove back safely or somewhat safely.

Then why do we consider drunk driving as bad ? For the simple reason that the number of deaths are dominated by the number of drunk drivers. Mathematically, as the number of drunk drivers increases, the deaths increase at much faster rate then if the number of sober drivers increase.

Merely 3% of drivers contribute to 30% of deaths with only differentiating factor being that they were DUI. (Driving under influence).

So society is correct in figuring out that DUI is bad for our well being and enacting laws to prevent it.

Now let us drink some liberal Kool Aid and argue that it is wrong to stereotype all DUIs just because some bad drivers among them cause accidents. Bad drivers come in all sizes, shapes and they exist among tea drinkers as well. Drinking tea and driving is same as drinking alcohol and those who believe otherwise are illiberal fanatics and communal …oops. You get my point.

You see where I am going. Arguing by analogies have several issues and I am aware of them. What I am trying to say here is that when people say that a particular terrorist incident has nothing to do with Islam and is merely an act of fanaticism and fanatics exist in all religion, they are missing the most important point that I am illustrating through the DUI analogy.

Liberal logic is what most Muslims are peaceful and not capable of hurting anyone and hence terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. This is same as pointing out to 299970 DUI drivers who drove safely and concluding that alcohol ha no impact on person’s driving abilities.

Who is the biggest gainer if we outlaw DUI ? It is the drunk driver themselves. For example, I totally avoid drinking even when I am in a pub if I have to drive back home. A lot of people either ask someone else to drive them home or catch a cab because DUI is outlawed. In the end, the is those people who get saved. We have no idea how many lives we are saving each day because DUI is illegal.

The real victims of Islamic terrorism are the muslims themselves literally and also in a higher level perspective. Literally, thousands of muslims die worldwide in Islamic terrorist in their own countries such as Pakistan. At a higher level they are stuck is some outdated ideology which hurts their economic growth.

Compare the condition of Indian muslims to those in Pakistan. We have Muslim scientists, actors, directors, sportsman and what not. Pakistan hardly has any of those things. The only difference is that Indian muslims community is far more liberal than their Pakistani counterpart.

Ideally, we should all read Quran and criticize whatever we dont like. Books written hundreds of years ago can not remain sacrosanct. They must be challenged and reinterpreted to suite modern world values. That is what happened with Hinduism and Christianity. It must happen with Islam also.

Here is an interesting discussion between Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck

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