Nuke Deal and Delhi Elections

Indo-US nuke deal is something that was debated in past very heavily and being silently passed at the moment. However some people are still writing about it critically.

I am pretty sure international agreements are far to complex for ordinary mortals like us to understand but then that does not mean we could criticize it by half baked unverifiable claims.

It turns out that nuclear reactors are actually lot more safer than we think. Guess hoe many people died in Fukushima reactor after it malfunctioned because of Japanese Tsunami ? Zero.

But more interesting part is when people talk about the liability coverage. Something that the above mentioned link is talking about. People often forget that the companies who build nuclear reactors and run it invest huge amount of capital in it and it takes few years for them to recover that cost. Any disaster would be a financial disaster for the people as well as for the company because not only they would lose their money they would also lose the reputation.

In reality these companies would kill to avoid such disasters. What happened to Union Carbide after Bhopal disaster ? Not only they lost the whole plant and $470M in settlements, the company never recovered from that disaster. This is what the Wikipedia page says

After the Bhopal disaster, Union Carbide was the subject of repeated takeover attempts. In order to pay off its debt, Carbide was forced to sell many of its most familiar brands such as Glad Trashbags and Eveready Batteries. Eventually, Carbide was bought by Dow Chemical in 1999 for $8.89 billion in stock.

It is not fair to cry wolf and paint a one sided picture when it comes to these issues and people should think a bit before swallowing what the critics write. Of course there might be perfectly valid arguments even about the disaster liability but “the company does not care about people’s life” is not one of them.

Delhi Elections

Irrespective of what people are saying, Modi and Shah are right in putting exceptional efforts in what is mostly a glorified municipality election.

Modi’s victory in general elections is a big blow to Left liberals in India and the journo thugs. These people have influence India’s public debate and killed compensation of ideas by continuously arguing in favor of more government interference in our life. MNERGA to RTE, all bad ideas originated from these scums. Secularism and India of India are other two brain farts that are popularized by this crowd.

This crowd is at the moment lined up in AAP. People like Yogendra Yadav was helping Sonia and Rahul and jumped the ship to join AAP. Here is a more detailed analysis of AAP’s people and core ideology.

If AAP wins Delhi all the media morons will call this “Modi wave over”. “Modi has lost moral right to be PM” and all that bullshit and it will be 2002 hate propaganda all over again.

This will give the impression to public that these left liberals are still in position to influence public opinion and policies.

Modi’s Gaffe

It is totally beyond me why Modi is taking so long to kick out all the Congress loyalists and left liberals from all important position. Leela Samson should have got fired in week 1. Sujata Singh should have gone on day 1.

But then I think the same about Arun Jaitley too.

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