How tuitions are helping students get better education

This website has got some excellent data on state of Indian education. The data is collected by Pratham, an organization run by Nandan Nilekani’s wife Rohini.

There are no surprises in the data. While the overall quality of education in India remains pretty poor, the government schools are far more worse than the private schools. In a separate report it is also mentioned that private schools are around 4 times more cost efficient.

The report further shows that the tuition system which operates outside the government regulation system is doing even a better job of imparting education even in remote areas like Mizoram. The cost of tuition fee is directly correlated with the quality of education they impart.

This is an excellent eye opener for those who continue to bat for government investment and control in education.

There is an argument that education is a very noble profession and we should not commercialize it. This is a good argument. If you look closely, clearly government schools pay more salary, spend more on infrastructure and yet deliver far poor results than the private schools where students pay their own fees.

Government is the real scum here. Because a student who goes to private school not only pays his own fees but in the form of taxes ends up paying for other students who go to government schools. In a sense he pays twice.

The students at government school receive education at the expense of someone else. Which is morally a theft.

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