Arun Shourie’s recent criticism of Mr. Modi and his government

In his interview to well known Modi baiter Dr. Arun Shourie has roasted Modi government.

My opinions might be biased towards Mr. Shourie for the reverence I have for him but he is any day a better mind than most people in the country.

I think Arun Shourie is totally spot on in his criticism of Modi’s economic policies which have been same as Manmohan Singh’s policies which were same as Indira Gandhi’s policies and so on. Narendra Modi while talking about “less government” has actually kept that issue aside and instead has chosen the same socialistic path of “my government will change the society”. Tax terrorism, more regulation and basically everything he criticized MMS for has continued just as in past.

I am however totally stumped by his criticism of Modi’s clothes, the so called attacks on Churches and claim that Modi should have respected opposition. I am really not sure where this comes from.

Attacks on churches as a media noise is pretty common during NDA rule. During Vajpeyi government there was rape case against a Nun which got widespread international and national coverage as act of “Hindu intolerance” later however it turned out that the nun was in fact not raped at all and the people involved where Christians themselves acting out of personal grudge.

I am not sure why Mr. Shourie did not present the similar defence given that this issue of Church attacks seems completely bogus and fabricated from the available evidence.

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