Death of Sunaparant

Looks like Goa’s only Konkani newspaper has finally died. I must admire the tenacity of its management who managed to keep it running for last so many decades.

While I am proficient in Marathi and Hindi, I must confess I could barely read Konkani and always assumed that this newspaper would eventually die. Honestly I dont even feel anything for the paper.

I think the decline of any institution and initiative is assured once government starts pumping money to help it. Whether it is hockey or Indian languages, the blood is more often on the government’s hand.

I am currently learning Japanese, it involves learning few thousand characters and relatively complex grammar only because I love anime and would rather enjoy it in original language than English translation. Amazing treasure of Anime and other pop culture stuff has helped Japanese language and culture spread beyond boundaries.

I think the real problem with Konkani is that while linguistically it is an ancient and distinct language (it is not true that this is merely a dialect of Marathi) the literature in this language is pretty worthless. May be because of the foreign rule and may be because the migration in and out of Goa got limited the language has simply not produced anything worth reading.

The last time I tried reading a poetry book, I almost threw up. There are some honorable people like Ravindra Kelekar who seem to have written some good stuff but that is far too less compared to any major language.

Konkani has lost the battle of popularity and will have hard time surviving.

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