Intolerance of parasites

Any typical society comprises of different type of people. Most people do some 9-6 job, reproduce and eventually live off their saved money. Some people work hard, do something exceptional and get rich. There is a third category of unproductive individuals who want more money and fame but do not want to work to earn it.

As a matter of fact all of us are a combination of these three traits. Who does not want to live a rich life without working for it? Everyone.

A lot of intellectuals who are often from the liberal arts seem to have put their intelligence to such use. They learn and teach inconsequential subjects in third rate universities but over years build good connections to get identified as “foremost intellectuals” in their area. Romila Thapar becomes “eminent historian” where as Irfan Habib becomes head of ICHR.

This is not to say these people lack scholarship. They probably do prove themselves occasionally by writing few useful books. But in the end they are parasites which feed off taxpayer money.

Writers and journalist often fall into the same category. Writers are often not as powerful as journalists but with rights connections they do become an influence. I learned that 12 people in Goa have got Sahitya Academy award. I know at least one person whose literary output is as good as that of 10th standard student’s language answer paper. But the point is he is well connected. These people are parasites.

Parasites need a host. The host need to be healthy in order for parasites to feed and live well. Congress party has been one such host which was healthy for last several decades.

British were good at rewarding loyalty. That is why Nehru and Patel got power while Bose died a suspicious death at an unknown location. Nehru rewarded loyalty too. He basically appointed sub optimal people only because they had his loyalty.

Those were the first parasites. Luxurious cultural organizations built on prime property in Delhi at the expense of poor Indian taxpayers. Whose who of Delhi’s power circles attended classical music concerts and mushayaras at the places. Newcomers created networks, established people grew their power and outsiders struggled to get entry.

None of this is unique to Delhi to India. In each state, city, university, company wherever you find power concentrated you will find people who are willing to suck up to the power to benefit from the benevolence of the powerful. It is very natural thing.

The problem becomes acute when the host is too strong. Like a congress party which probably was in power for like 55+ years. With such a strong host the parasites had much longer to foster. Those who managed to taste the power early are even more powerful and helped bring in more loyal friends. General Thapar’s son became TV Journalist, DD chief Ghose’s daughter became “senior journalist”, some cricket player’s son became another “senior journalist”. Soft porn writer Sardar became noted novelist and lot of other two penny people became social activists, columnists etc.

These people have guarded their space pretty well except the last decade. Someone like Jagdish Bhagvati had to leave Delhi university only because he was not ready to turn leftist.

For these people tolerance only meant tolerance of their own ideas and authority. Intimidation was an argument and assault was the proof. They banned books, work and people from participating in discourse without any impunity. Countless books movies etc. have got banned because they were not as respectful towards Congress party’s icons as the Congress party wanted people to be.

Economist Shenoy is another example. Admired by the likes of Hayek he was the only opponent of 5 year plan strategy of Nehru and hence remained a footnote in history despite his immense contribution to the field of economics.

There are opposite examples too where person belonging to opposite ideologies became a comrade because he helped legitimize these parasites. Vajpeyi or Sudheendra Kulkarni are good example. We were told Vajpeyi was right man in wrong party because he gave space to these parasites. Sudheendra Kulkarni who happened to be an adviser to “Radical Hindu”politician was a star of the circle mostly because of delusional behavior with respect to Pakistan and vocal support to the output of the parasitic culture.

Parasites had learned that they need to cultivate such patrons in potential opposition too.

Now they fight for survival

Communists were at the vanguard of these parasitic culture. They were nurtured by Indira Gandhi. Thanks to people like Arun Shourie or Sita Ram Goel they lost their shine long back even before the advent of social media.

With the rise of social media where views spread based on general person’s choice, view of some Nayantara Sehgal does not become more important than that of Abdul Mia Kanpurwale. In such an age their decline is even faster.

I am not sure who fell first, whether the intellectual pimps who were trying to sell us Rahul Gandhi or whether Congress party the patronized such pimps. Either ways both of them are on decline.

The antibody

Most of these parasites have one thing common. Hatred of Narendra Modi and one goal to paint him as a 100% evil man despite the miserable failures at doing so in past.

Narendra Modi’s personal character has less to do with this hatred than the mere fact that he is an 100% outsider to the parasitic culture. He is not the host to which these parasites could switch. His mere presence would destroy these parasites.

So when people like Nayantara Sehgal, Arundhati Roy or some other chump returns their awards (but not other government perks of course), it is hard to take these people seriously because they care less about you and me and more about their own eco-system that is getting disturbed.

The Danger of BJP

While most people are correct to see most of these liberal parasites as shameless hypocrites who would go to any extent to protect their own parasitic culture, people often forget that these people might have some point after all.

Narendra Modi’s hurting this parasitic culture is not a bad thing but there plenty evidence that he is replacing it with even more perverse type of parasites.

People like Romila Thapar or Nayantara Sehgal may not be the intellectuals worth listening to but at least these are not people who would run a mock on street. Or act as if they have a monopoly over patriotism.

Narendra Modi has silently rewarded assholes in the party. People like Mahesh Sharma have become cabinet ministers. Other notable incompetent appoints can not be listed here for the sake of brevity of Gajendra Chauhan as FTII director must be fresh in everyone’s mind.

Naredra Modi used development as a plant to win elections, using radical Hindu elements to win state elections but not serving Hindu interests or implementing economic reforms when in power.

Hypocrisy Exhibits

Sonia Gandhi passed a law explicitly banning Hindus from holding post on a central government body called NCMEI. I am unaware of any other Indian law banning any person from what is an administrative body of the government.

As a next step Sonia Gandhi and her parasites passed the law called Right to Education which happens to be a draconian law by any standards. In the name of right the law puts arbitrary restrictions on existing schools as well as new schools. The law affects schools only adversely closing down more schools than in past.

But the best part of the law is that it is applicable only to Hindu run schools. Which means while Hindu run schools get terrorized by educational inspectors, Hindu run schools are forced to keep aside 25% seats to freeloaders (thus imposing a cost on remaining 75%), Hindu run schools must have more toilets, more space, more teachers etc. Church run schools get a blanket exemption.

This is same as a business is forced to pay 25% tax on its operation where as other business gets tax exemption. It is clear who will grow faster.

Church run schools than ban pagan symbols such as bangles or mehndi. Example here.

While Sonia Gandhi’s government passed such cringe worthy laws, the even more fascinating part is that the BJP government which almost everyone seems to call a pro-Hindu government has not done an iota of attempt to change this law neither it bothered to oppose it in parliament.

Fall of congress is a great boon for Indian society. Fall of the left liberals is a blessing. Sadly, BJP’s incompetence might mean a botched opportunity to build a better society.



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