Free speech is always absolute!

I think people calling “bharat ki barbadi” must have right to shout it as loudly as they want. It must be covered under free speech. The true test of free speech is when someone says something unimaginable to everyone else.

However, we don’t have to hear that speech or even fund them. JNU should have ideally simply rusticated the students who shouted those slogans and should have asked full refund of all the subsidies they lived on.

Sedition in India is a misused law. The so called nationalist BJP is perfectly find aligning with PDP in Kashmir for the sake of power and the paragon of Nationalism Mr. Modi is happy to hug PDP’s Mufti yet the students who opposed Afzal’s death end up in jail under sedition laws.

I have zero sympathy for JNU. I think it is a cancer feeding off our tax money and the whole university must be shut down. Not a penny of taxpayer money must be wasted on liberal arts education in this country when hardly any education in the country makes people employable.

But on the other hand the real issue that both Indian society and Indian state seems to lack basic principles on which they can argue their case. The left wing people and Idea of India people however have their agenda clear.

It is a tough battle and people like Modi seem not particularly equipped to fight it.

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