Velingkar v/s RSS

BBSM in Goa demands that government should not give grants to English medium schools the way it gives these grants to Marathi/Konkani medium schools.

The logic ? English education will be more scarce and expensive and hence poor folks will be forced to send their children to marathi/konkani schools. This is basically BBSM using government’s power to coerce poor people into accepting BBSM’s agenda. This is not freedom this is cronyism.

But the other side is not bright either. At the moment all Church run English schools get government grants but the Hindu run English schools don’t. This is a clear cut apartheid against Hindu run English schools in the state.

If the current regulation continues then over time Church is likely to get full monopoly over high quality education in India as all rich and bright students are more likely to pick an English medium school over other schools.

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