Jizia Tax in Goa!

Jizia is a tax that Islamic governments impose on non-Muslim monoatheist people simply to let them live. Aurangezeb is called a merciful and great King by our leftist historians because he graciously let Hindus too live by paying this tax. Hindus being poly-atheists and idolators technically were not even allowed to live under Islamic rule.

Sadly the modern day so called “Independent India” has Jizia tax as a part of its constitution. Of course it is called something else. Depending on the context it is Article 30 (Special treatment to minority institutions), Right to Education (which is applicable only to Hindus) or 93rd Amendment (denial of autonomy to Hindu institutions).

This is not a blame game. This is not merely Nehru’s ghost haunting us. This is a carefully planned conspiracy where Congres, BJP and Hindu Hriday Samrat Modi, Manohar Parrikar etc. have played a very strong role. This is one Hamam where everyone is truly naked.

NPS is a very good chain of schools in Banglore. It was recently denied its CBSE certification because NMCEI filed an FIR against them and requested CBSE to withdraw its affiliation. NPS is a school chain run by a Hindu person. NMCEI is a body that by law can only have a non-Hindu as its head. So a non-Hindu body passed a judgement on a Hindu run school to basically shut it down.

The reason cites was that NPS forged some minority certificate. It must be noted that minority certificate is the single most important thing in Indian education today as those schools which don’t have a minority certificate lose all autonomy and come under RTE. Because (repeat after me) Right to Education law is applicable only to Hindu run schools.

While people make NPS forgery as a criminal offense totally ignore that a Church run school gets total exemption from all government regulations NPS is trying to avoid by default. There is no way NPS can compete with Church run schools (which even get taxpayer funding) without somehow calling itself a minority.

NPS is like a Hindu who is trying to pretend to be a Muslim to avoid paying Jizia tax. You cant blame him, you should blame the Jizia tax.

Goan Fiasco

Everyone is Goa wants to send their kids to English medium school. It is well known. As per Manohar Parrikar’s policy which is probably a result of some backroom deal with Church, only Church gets taxpayer money to start and run English medium schools.

As a result of this distorted policy by Manohar Parrikar, Hindus will have to spend lot more money if they want to start and English schools. Not just that Hindus are denied government grant which is provided to Church run schools, Hindu schools will also have to comply with Right to Education law. This means they have to keep aside 25% seats for free to Government approved students (read caste based reservations) and for remaining 75% seats too they have to admit students based on government provided criteria which may change from time to time.

A Hindu school may not be able to look at parent’s background before admitting their child for example.

I think Manohar Parrikar is the single person who must accept the blame here. At least the Goan Jizia is completely designed by him. Digamaber Kamat despite all his flaws had passed a uniform law which provided grants even to Hindu run schools. Manohar Parrikar implemented the discriminatory provisions.


I don’t like Congress party. I don’t like the Alemaos and Montserrats and Ranes and Faleiros. I think Parsekar/Parrikar did a good job of short term governance and reducing corruption.

But despite of that I think a swift punishment to BJP is something that voters must consider for this Jizia tax implementation. With BJP in power we might get better roads and better services but we have essentially lost control of our kid’s future. We have lost institutional control on educational institutions run at our own expense.

If this goes unpunished, BJP is likely to bend over backwards in future too.

For the record I do not support BBSM either. BBSM wants to use state coercion to force people into Marathi/Konkani schools. As a matter of principle I would not like that but as far as voting is concerned all faithful voters of BJP must consider BBSM as an acceptable alternative. They at least want uniform application of law.

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