Rare opportunity for Canconcars to redeem themselves

IIT-Goa is a once in decades opportunity for Canconcars to welcome this non-polluting large scale product that will put Cancona and Loliem on world map.

There is no other project as environment friendly has educational institute. There is no other project as lucrative as a government institution for jobs and secondary occupations. If a mere Medical college can transform Bambolim into a growing city IIT-Goa can transform Cancona into a thriving and livale urban area instead of pathetically backward region.

One needs to have IQ of a rock or moral fortitude of a toilet brush to oppose this project. Most of the opposition comes from the back that the project benefits someone else more than the opponents. This crab mentality (cliched term but cant find anything better) has kept the region poor for last 50 years and if sane people do not stop them in their tracks now opportunity for developing Canacona might be lost forever.

Property Rights

The more dangerous trend in the Goan villages is the false sense of entitlement for other people’s land. It is not just poor uneducated folks but even otherwise well meaning people like Rajan Parrikar who claim that Goa must be kept green forcibly because they love to see it green. It does not matter what the owner of that land thinks.

Contrary to what media paints the land of IIT-Goa does not belong to community or village. It belongs to a legal body called communidade. This body which has 100% ownership rights has wholeheartedly supported the project.

Ideally if there is rule of law in country this is where the matters must end but there is in thick and constant smoke screen being created that the rest of the village as any say in how communidade maintains its own lands.

Of course just because land belongs to party A does not mean party A can not interfere with the rights of Party B. If party A’s land has ground water, if it contributes to tributaries of major water streams etc. etc. Party A’s choices might affect entire village and in such situations party B consisting of such affected individuals could raise objections.

But democratic vote in a gram-sabha can not possible solve this technical issue. It must be left to the government organization which is acquiring the land and the government must be compelled to compensate all the affected people as well. In any case it is a technical decision needs to be take by government body and could be challenged in court if the affected parties are dissatisfied.

This process should not stop the government from going ahead with acquisition and setup all the bare minimum infrastructure that may not have any impact so far until the affected parties are satisfied.




4 thoughts on “Rare opportunity for Canconcars to redeem themselves

  1. You misrepresent my views. I don’t believe in “forcibly” doing what you claim. Change has to be brought about by democratic means, by changing minds through the force of ideas, not through coercion. If Goans want to vote in people who are going to accelerate its browning, so be it. Just because I have forceful views on Goan matters does not mean I espouse the use of force. A presumably educated guy like you should be able to see this distinction.

    (*) I don’t read this blog and came to know of this post only because a fellow Goan brought it to my attention.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment. I never bother to check comments because no one reads my blog however a fellow Goan brought your comment to my attention.

    Unfortunately a lot of people fail to see lack of distinction between government forced coercion and the usual individual coercion. Just because government is democratically elected that does not mean it has a moral authority to place restrictions on individual’s right to dispose off his land in whatever way he wants (subject to reasonable restrictions). It still remains a form of coercion. When I refer to “force” I always refer to the force through the coercive powers of government.

    Of course I might have misrepresented your views as I can not possibly know what you have in your head. But at least from your response it does not seem to me that you want to convince Goans not to sell their land. You would rather convince few in government to prevent owners of those land from selling it. A lot of people somehow think that, that route is not same as coercion. I don’t.

    Note: In my opinion correct response for all the people who love the greenery is to spend their own money, buy that land and keep it green.

  3. What happened to IIT Cancona? How did communidades get lands? Did they buy it from Portuguest Government? Was it like a listed company?

  4. Communidade is a legal entity that legally owns the land. Some people translate it as “community land” which is not true. The legal structure of Communidade is closer to a trust or co-operative rather than private company.

    Of course how they got the land is irrelevant because I do not see how to affects anyone’s position on this issue. Say the land belonged to Forest department would then the protesters be okay ?

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