Nation Building

Now that IT head of BJP has explained it to us peasants; it is very clear. We are too stupid to realise such brilliant designs by visionary and nationalist leaders.

How wrong were we to think that government is using coercive power to impose a “tax” and take our money irrespective we wish to give it or not (in common tongue this is generally called theft but when done by government it has a different name). As Malaviya explained it is in fact a “contribution“.

The contribution is to the noble cause of nation building. I am so stupid not to own a vehicle in India and hence I am unable to contribute to this nation building exercise. I pray that my forefathers forgive me.

BJP has clearly embarked on the epic journey of “nation building” like no one else. Most certainly not like Nehru. Unlike Nehru, BJP is spending tax INRs on government owned businesses like reputed Vijay Super Scooter which like Ferrari engages in super limited production. Vijay Super Scooter is more scarce than Ferrari.

Another unique idea in this nation building is spending on Agriculture. Agriculture is such a cutting edge profession that it requires smart IAS officers and visionary leaders like Modiji and of course our “contribution”. After all humanity only recently discovered how to grow food to feed themselves. This untried idea of spending on agriculture is going to bring the “acche din”.

Next time when you see your MLA rolling in a gas guzzling Toyota Fortuner remember he is simply engaging in “nation building”.

I am thinking of buying some litres of petrol and setting it on fire to make sure I am also contributing to nation building.

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