Writing is one hobby that has really stayed with me. Otherwise I am a person who hops from one interest to other.

I can write many things about myself here, but then why should those things interest you? I am just another bubble on the timeline. But just for there record let me make a list of propositions about myself. You derive the rest.

1. I am a Cynic of Order 1. I find faults in everything and everywhere.

2. I am a mad fan of Calvin and Hobbes.

3. I develop nausea reading friendship and love related sms and emails. I mostly send them to trash without reading.

4. I am fan and follower of Mr. Arun Shourie.

5. I like to read books. Mostly non fiction. I do not read self-help books. They only help the author to make money.

6. I have a deep interest in economics and education.

Contact Information

One of the rare pleasures of life is receiving a personally directed mail from some stranger. No mail sent to me will go unanswered at : akshar [at] akshar.co.in

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Akshar, somehow i reached to your article ‘4 things i grew up with’ and i found your writing interesting! I went through some of the other topics…they were impressive too….I used to read a lot, may be we could share a thought or two…reply me on my mail deshani87@gmail.com

  2. You studied at Chowgules, right? Do you know that Chowgule College has been ranked as the best college in Goa recently by some NAAC authority? By the way, who was the mad Math professor you wrote about?

  3. Hi Viren

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I wa amazed to see the SPCC website. They have really improved leap and bounds.

    And I cant reveal the names, that wouldnt be good 😐

  4. Your piece on Konkani poem was classic. Congrats on throwing light on the old piece. in fact ‘Kashti’ used to be worn by upper caste Saraswats as well, in olden times. Several elderly men continue this irrespective of the caste they belong to, even in south canara. ‘Aabolya’ is in vogue in Cochin area even today, and is not a so old usage. Abolem’ is a flower whereas ‘Aabu’ means grandfather. This word is popular among Konkani speaking without any caste differences, but in some parts of Konkan the word is synonimous with ‘Ajjo’. This is the case with Kudumbis in central and south Kerala, besides GSBs in norgth Kerala. Such traditional poems should be preserved at any cost. Keep contributing such write ups…

  5. Jeene Kee Jagah Nahin
    Marne Ko Kee Wajah Nahin

    Apnaa to Khuda Hai Rakhwaala
    Ab Tak Usee Ne Paala

    Neta Kha Gaya Anaaj
    Abhineta Kar Rahein Hai Raaj

    Hum Likhte Kavita
    Padh Padh magazine Sarita 🙂

  6. hey somehow found your article on surely you’re joking mr.feynman !your writing’s are awesome.and by the way i’m also fan of calvin and Hobbes.have a great day !!! 🙂
    “Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems?”-calvin 😉

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