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My Letters published in Navhind Times

This link is currently not working because Navhind Times site is upgraded.


5 thoughts on “Print Media

  1. Hey akshar You used criticize me for reading navhindtimes in our college days.

    Now you are a die heart fan of navhind times. I guess You have now realized the my choice? But now I am no more a big fan of navhind times.

    Good to see your emergance in print media my friend.

    keep it up.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am sorry i do not know from your name if you are man or a woman.. Either way greetings to you… My name is nelson I am from Goa panjim Altinho,,, My ancestral village is in poda goa.. I have been working in UAE for last 14 years… I plan to come back to goa for good…Apart from the business that i wish to undertake (for a living) I plan on being a farmer, establish a NGO, appeal to a network of handi men who are willing to work at the farm ie. grow vegitables etc… (FOR A CAUSE) And Open a Kitchen soups in ponda to feed poor people at Rs. 1/ for lunch & dinner… (the land would be rented from the Govt..fallow land of oversea owners & rest of the investment shall be from me …. I shall explain to your kind self in details if you shall oblige with the same sometime in future..


    Nelson Fernandes

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