Electorate, Modi and Media. The Good the Bad the Ugly.

I was waiting for a bus to college when my friends informed me that Gujarat is burning in Riots. Being a 12th std student no one liked me watching the television especially since I was not staying at my own house. Nor I had read papers for those few days. Not that I studied so much I would just lie in my room day dreaming while the world though I was studying.

In one way those Riots had an impact on me. I started reading news papers about the issue. Discussed it with my journo friends. Every one blamed Modi , RSS and VHP. of course BJP as well. They blamed Hindus. When I approached RSS leaders they blamed it on Muslim’s and supported the Riots. When I read editorial’s in Indian Express or in TOI I somewhere felt that they are just trying to prove that they are secular and trying to gain sympathy of their readers who are mostly upper middle class urban English taking society. The RSS or BJP on other hand supported something I felt was out of some purely misplaced emotions. They were the people who had not slapped even their own kid in their life were supporting the revenge.

Soon I had piled up in my room along with the Physics and Math note a bunch of news paper cutting and magazines. That issue was hot in India till Gujarat elections sealed the fate of Modi. I had read every possible article on the issue and had collected many books as well. I attended few talks which were organized in Menezese Braganza hall. They showed there photographs of dead bodies, raped women and crying kids. I soon walked out.

By that time I had read a lot about Hindu-Muslim relationship and their history in India. When a man kills another man there is no religion he follows. I cant imagine my neighbour Khansaab taking a sword and killing some one at least for some religious purpose. Nor I can imagine myself doing the same. Rape and torture at any day and for any reason are highly condemnable.

I have no doubt in my mind that it was people who suffered. The people who killed Kar-sevak’s in Godhra must have escaped. They were those people who were blot on name of ISLAM as well as humanity. I dotn have any doubt in my mind that these people were not only islamic fundamentalist who did it with purely religious hatred but I am also convinced that such elements proliferated in society because of the “so called secular” parties like Congress. It gave an opportunity of organization like VHP to convince that Hindus are always get step motherly treatment in their own country. Polarization is what has happened there.

In India political parties have adopted a very dangerous strategy to keep themselves in the Race of power. Thet splinter the electorate and try to scare one part of the other. It gives rise to hatred among the two groups while the leader encash it in terms of votes. Same has happened in Gujarat. Muslim’s have got no choice but voting for Congress which will save them from Hindu’s and particularly Modi. While Hindu’s would prefer voting Modi for his development. Hindu’s will never vote Modi only because he is the Hindu poster boy and the anti incumbency factor (if it exists) would hurt him more.

Its not the case that Modi hates Muslim, I dont think so. No political party would hate a potential group of voters. Had given a chance Modi would have tried to woo the Muslims as well. But the media has taken his image far beyond acceptability among Muslim community. He has been portrayed as a mass murderer etc etc.

The only thing he can bank on now is his hindu voters. Which will vote for him only if he gives them good governance. Even if Modi tries to do anything for Muslim’s the media and Congress will shout and spoil his efforts.

Looking at his track record minus the riots I think Modi is a Prime Ministorial material. I have feeling that he made a mistake by some where not taking stringent steps to curb riots. He hurt his image and spoiled an opportunity for himself.

Modi will win the coming elections, most of them say. But he will have lot many things to loose. The Party too is going to loose many things. Modi no more replies on BJP its BJP who is relying on Modi for its win. I dont think its a Good news for a party whose Back Bone is “Sanghatan”. Is Modi a Sonida Gandhi counterpart of Gujarat BJP?

Many answers to look forward in coming days.