What happens to Jon Snow?

When I saw Game of Thrones for the first time I was mesmerized. Undoubtedly the series is masterpiece and in my humble opinion probably the greatest. However, when I started reading George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Throne is screen adaptation of Song of Ice and Fire and the title of the series is taken from the first book of the book series) I found that the TV series is almost 100% identical to the book. Not just the character descriptions but even the dialogues were the same.

Martin supposed to finish the story in 7 books (and there is a good possibility that it might have an 8th one too). 5 books have been published so far. Each book has taken him around 5 years to write.

One of the peculiar thing about GoT is that it does not have any good or bad characters per say but everything is in the shades of gray. So far even after reading 4 books one can find only 3-4 characters that probably have more black than white.

There is a speculation that Ned Stark’s bastard, Jon Snow is the real hero of the story. In the last book published so far, Jon Snow gets stabbed repeatedly and whether he is dead or not is not known. There are number of other character whose dead or alive status was left unknown by Martin. Serio Ferrel, Sandro Clegane, Benjen Stark and many more were almost dead, or assumed dead by others.  Jaime and Brianne is also a pair readers loved but is simply lost. Even if Jon is alive there is another reason why he can not take a bigger role. He can not leave the Night’s Watch. He has taken a life oath on being there. 

So fans speculate the following 3 possibilities1. Jon Snow is not dead but is in bad shape and he breaks his oath.
2. Jon Snow is dead and is resurrected which means he does not have to abide to his oath as well
3. Jon Snow is dead.

A lot of people seem to think that 2 has the maximum probability and he will be resurrected by Mellisandre.

From what I have read, and the pattern I have kind of seen in Martin’s writing style I have a slightly different version of this case. Starks are exceptional people in the story. Almost 40% of the chapters are in the point of view of some Stark and this has continued despite number of Starks goes on reducing from the book 1. One of the key highlights of book 1 is the relationship that Catalyn Stark shares with Jon. She despises him for many reasons.

After the red wedding, Lord Beric Dondarrion, gives his life away and resurrects Catalyn Stark who takes the name Lady Stoneheart. Throughout the story Martin has made his characters make choices that were hard for the characters and readers alike. I feel it will be Lady Stark who will eventually leave aside her hatred for Snow and will resurrect him by giving away her own life.

There are couple of other speculation which in my opinion are obvious. There are three dragons and each dragon needs to be mounted by someone. Dany will probably fly one. The other two according to me will be flown by Bran and Tyrion respectively. Tyrion’s fascination for dragon is made extremely explicit by Martin. Tyrion tell Jon that he wanted to fly dragons if they existed.

The three eyed crow tells Bran that he could fly. In many dreams Bran is told that he can fly which I feel makes perfect sens. Even without his legs he can thus participate in the war.

There is another lose end. Lianna had asked Ned to make a promise which is never exposed to the reader. People believe Liana had a child who is none other than Jon and it was fathered by Rhaegar.

My version of this theory goes this way:

Jon might be Liana’s son but he is not a Targaryen. If you notice, in Targaryen family the color of hair is golden, but it is black for Baratheon family (and the seed is strong as we know it). Secondly, Targaryen are immune to fire just like Dany but Jon is not. In Game of Thrones he burns himself hard while trying to kill the “Others” corpse which attacks him and Mormont. 

If we observe the conversations between Robert and Ned we find that Ned is either unenthusiastic or avoids Robert’s talk about Lianaa. Not even once Ned says anything to Robert which might suggest that Lianna actually loved Robert. When Ned accepts that he had betrayed the King, I do not think he is choosing love over honor. He is probably telling the truth. There is something Ned did which he was hiding from Robert.

The suspense I believe would be much more bigger than what fans are speculating. It doesn’t make sense on Martin’s part to spend another 10 years writing 2-3 more volumes if the lose ends get tied much earlier on. He will certainly tie them but in ways different than we have speculated. Jon’s father and Liana’s promise probably hold key to it. We shall find out!

Jon Snow is the main protagonist of the Song of Ice and Fire ?