Trust Vote: Trust Lost and Gained.


Needing something is sometimes like a parachute. You need them only once and if they are not there for you at that time, you never need them again. – Dilbert


The nation and media is debating if UPA will survive or not. They call it a Trust Vote. Trust? Isn’t it ironical to use that word with our politicians and system?


The trust vote is called to prove that the PM and his cabinet has faith of majority of MPs who claim to represent the people of this nation. Majority MPs => Majority people.


Forget about majority. Do we really trust our government? For last 60 years the system that we have developed, is it something we can put our trust into? How many of us run to Government Hospitals if we can afford a good private one? How many of us send our children to government schools?


We fear our on politicians, police and judicial system. The system that was meant to protect us and especially the poor class has turned into a system that won’t change and give encouragement to oppression and crime.


A system that encourages reservations under the name of equal opportunity, protects fundamentalists under the name of minority, allows Bangladeshi to settle in our land for personal gains.


A system that has failed miserable in having good educational infrastructure for our bright minds, to give us chaos free roads, planned cities, water safety is a far away while we struggle to provide water even in cities.


Look at our PM. He is defending himself against a trust vote. But what does he stands for? Congress is not even considering him as PM candidate for next elections, Rahul will be their candidate. The party itself doesn’t trust him.


Our country has reached to a point where the system and politicians have lost trust of the most important part of democracy “The people”.


After this trust vote many will become richer by a few crores. There will be a hell lot of ‘what if’ analysis. The common man will get back to work on his scooter next morning. And the people in pune will have to face the load shading as usual.