Destiny’s game

I thought Uday Chopra was the most pitiable actor in the Bollywood. If it was not his family lineage, the security guard of film studio would not have let him in. Ravidra Jadeja was probably the next pitiable man in the line. But if there is anyone who beats both these two people by great margin then it must be Dr. Manmohan Singh.

A young disciple was frustrated with his life and poverty went to his guru. He said, “Oh master, please pray to the god that let him end my sorrows and give me the wealth I need”. The master refused. Master said he can not utter those words. He asked the disciple that he should pray for himself. Disciple argued that the Guru was in good books of the God unlike him. Had he been in the God’s good books God wouldnt have let him into this difficult situation in the first place.

The master asked the disciple to go inside the secret chamber where there was an idol of a Goddess. He asked him to go and pray to her whatever she wants and it will be granted. The disciple rushed to chamber but as soon as he entered it he was stunned and could not demand anything from the God. He returned. The master asked him if he put his demands before the Goddess. The young disciple realized that he had gone inside for an entirely different purpose. Master asked him to go inside again but the same thing happened.

The young disciple then realized that wealth was not something that he was truly seeking. It was something entirely different. He was not meant for seeking wealth and worldly pleasures. He was probably designed for a different life.

What is the moral of the story and how does it relate to Dr. Manmohan Singh ?

Imagine the guru had instantly prayed to the God on his disciple’s demand that he be bestowed by wealth and all other material pleasures he is seeking. Assume that the wish was granted. The young disciple would have got stuck into a life he was not actually meant for. He would have lived a life of dishonesty. The man would have hated his riches and would have longed throughout his life for something else. That life would have been pitiable.

Imagine Dr. Manmohan Singh’s life. Let us consider Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2004. He had a rare kind of resume. He had decorated posts that would fetch envy of even the brightest scholars in the country. He was supposed to be an economist. Most importantly he had done what actually few economists manage to do. Turning around the fortune of a nation. In our case nation of a billion people. He was being viewed as an architect of 1992 reforms which partially broke the chains of socialism that our country was tied in. It gave us hope for a better future and because of that today several people managed to get themselves out of poverty. The reforms were half hearted but no one blamed Dr. Manmohan Singh for that, the political leadership was blamed for the negative aspect of reforms or lack thereof.

Someone recently asked Dr.  Swami a question.

Why a person like you is not made prime minister of this country.

Dr. Swamy’s reply was very astute.

I may not have become a a Prime Minister but I have become everything else. I have enjoyed all that. On the other hand, if I had become a Prime Minister may be I would not have enjoyed so much. Look at Dr. Manmohan Singh. He became prime minister but for that he lost all his reputation that took years to build.

Just like the young disciple in the story, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s gravest mistake was probably his failure to understand his own limits.

Today look at Dr. Manmohan Singh’s image.

The hypothesis that he is weak is being upheld by almost everyone. Every person who was singing praises for his unquestionable integrity today is finding out that he happens to lead India’s most corrupt government ever. Not just that but the only defense that he has to present is that he was personally ignorant of any scam. The man who was once praised as an intellectual today fears to address the nation. He conducts closed room interviews (probably scripted) with chosen people. Once a renowned bureaucrat today can not keep his subordinates into his control. At every stage, at every occasion he seems helpless. Indeed he has lost all his reputation in return of two Prime Ministerial terms.

In my opinion Dr. Manmohan Singh was made to take orders and execute them swiftly with precision. P. V. Narsimha Rao had given him a budget to present in 1992. He merely read it out and took credit for is as directed. Fate landed him in a position that required him to do many things on his own besides taking orders from Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh failed miserably in the former part. If you notice he has done very well when it comes to executing Sonia’s orders. Quatrochi was let off. Black money issue was killed by confusion. NAC was given a major role into everything. Baba Ramdev’s agitation was suppressed with use of force. Several cabinet ministers were given a free hand to do whatever they wanted. Special favors were granted to Robert Vadra and so on. Dr. Manmohan Singh has executed all Sonia’s order with great efficiency.

But look at the issues where he had to take his own decisions. Sharm-el-Shaikh, 26/11, indo-pak peace talks, Relationship with china, reforms 2.0 , 2G scam and so on.

What looked to be the Anakin Skywalker, the boy who was supposed to restore balance to the force has turned out to be Darth Vader, the evil himself.

Aman Ka Chakka (Sixer of Peace)

The paragon of virtue Dr. Manmohan Singh in his infinite and unquestionable wisdom has invited his Pakistani counterparts to watch the Cricket match between India and Pakistan in Mohali. The invitation has been given to both Prim Minister and as he is popularly known “the 10% ” president Zardari. This is supposed to boost the peace process.

Let us hold back our whips and put down our rational thinking caps and assume without any prejudice that the Pakistani leaders watch the match with MMS and irrespective of who wins they make goody-goody statements, Manmohan Singh reads a written speech in the post match presentation ceremony. Yes, there is a hope that Ravi Shatri may not get much chance to speak. An incredible thing happens. Both Indians and Pakistani leaders/people suddenly find love for peace and genuinely decide to have peace. Yes genuinely.

Then what does that peace translate to ?

Let us see what Pakistan can do:

– Give up its claim on Kashmir and hand back POK.

– Pakistan stops the training camps of terrorists.

– Pakistan hands over Dawood and other terrorists to India.

– Pakistan stops teaching that history of subcontinent starts with Islamization to its kids.

– Pakistan stops teaching schools kids that it’s that divine duty to ensure that Kafirs are eliminated and Dal-ul-Harab is converted into Dar-Ul-Islam.

– Pakistan gives equals rights to minorities in their own country.

What can India do ?

– Give up it’s right on Kashmeer.

– Stop demonizing Pakistan. (Good strategy because our assumption is that Pakistan has really changed).

What more ? I am scratching my head. Declare India to be an Islamic Republic ? May be.

Now lets us come back to reality and put on the rational thinking caps. There is nothing India can really do for peace. We have nothing to offer. On the other hands things that Pakistan can do are many but it cant do. Even if it’s leaders wish to do so. If Pakistan has to do these things it should be a democratic and secular country where truth is valued over religious dogma. Where Islam is weak and secularism is strong. But isnt Islam the very foundation of Pakistan ? Yes it is.

So the conclusion is it is highly unlikely that Pakistan will change. Given that we are on our own and we need to safe-guard our interests at all costs. Hope that Pakistan will change is an closed option for us.

Now let us raise the whip. In last 500 years Islam has invaded India for various reasons. They have never shown slightest respect to anything Indian. Coupled with their religious dogma they tried hard to convert the native Indians to Islam but they failed. India was lucky because from time to time it had its heroes. Islamic formula of forcible conversion worked everywhere else but not in India. India could have avoided the damage if they had correctly grasped the true nature of Islam.

Even today we fail to understand Islam. We try to look it through the prism of Hinduism.

Criticism of Islam is not same as criticism of Muslims. When one criticizes un-touchability one does wish death to Brahmins. When one demonizes tobacco consumption we don’t wish death to all those who eat it. It is the reverse. We sympathies and help them change. I am not suggesting to the slightest that Muslims should dump Islam and convert to something else. Instead I suggest we should strengthen those parts of Islamic society who give preference to reason over dogma.

Given the size of population of Muslims in India, they can easily shape the future of Islam on their own. If they start facing Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for directions it will like Madhuri taking acting lessons from Rakhi Sawant. If Hinduism had its share of reformers and if Christianity had its share of reformers I wonder why Islam can’t have it. If the Indian Muslims become strong enough to dictate what Islam should mean to world and when they come up with reforms favorable to humanity unlike what it is today India can truly dream to have peace with Pakistan. Our leaders however seem to be looking the opposite side, pampering the fundamentalists and religious bigots to their own personal and political gains.

What more expect from a dishonest person like Manmohan Singh?


Singh is an idiot

When we were kids breaking rules was a thrill. And when we got caught we would often claim ignorance and get away with it.

I am not supposed to get calculator for the exam??? Oh I dint know that, sorry. take it back and let me continue the exam.

As I grew up I realized that the true strength of character lies in accepting responsibility even if it brings a momentary setback. I am sure almost everyone learns that lesson. However our Prime Minister who has decorated so many facy posts who flaunts a Phd in economics has not learned this lesson.

In Goa we have a metaphor to describe something ineffective, immovable and incapable of acting on it’s own. Its “lump of cow dung”. Some congress leaders in Goa use to proudly say a few years back that even a lump of cow dung can get elected on a congress ticket in “so and so” constituency. In my opinion Manmohan Singh, a man who deserves no respect but a deep contempt from the countrymen has finally reached a station where he can be called “lump of cow dung”.

He apparently did not know that Votes were purchased to keep his government afloat. The whole country saw BJP MPs showing cash in parliament. If Manmohan Singh had even slightest trace of honesty within him and unless he had kept his eyes and ears shut throughout, would have questioned his own party-men. Of course assuming he has some authority in the party. IB reports directly to the Prime Minister. They would have told him what was the reality. But he dint do anything like that because the concept of honesty and integrity was foreign to him. He could not question anyone around him because he is a lump of cow dung.

The very reason why Manmohan Singh was made prime minister was because no one in the party considered him dangerous. A man without ambitions, a man without guts, a man incapable of acting against anyone no matter what happens. In this case Manmohan Singh has chosen not to act despite the immense harm that is brought to this nation. Not that he was capable of stopping it but he could have chosen not to be part of it. Instead this jerk has been denying that such things have happened.

Indian system gives immense power to the Prime Minister. If he is good at his job he can know what very few people know. Reiterating a story that Arun Shourie told in an interview.

The prime minister of India has unlimited power. Our system is so structured that the PM knows everything.
Yashwant Sinha [ Images ], when he was finance minister, told me an incident. He got a message from a leader of the state that s/he wanted to see him. He asked Prime Minister (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee if he could can meet that person. Vajpayee said he could meet her/him.
When Sinha went to the state he met the particular leader without anyone knowing about it. He had lunch and talked about all sorts of things. At the end of it, the leader gave him an envelope. He kept it in his pocket. He came to New Delhi and only then opened it.
It was a legal brief on why cases against that leader should not be pursued by the Enforcement Directorate. He put the envelope in his drawer and did nothing about it. He forgot the case.
Several days later he met Vajpayee and spoke about his meeting with the state leader. Vajpayee listened quietly and kept looking at him. At the end of the meeting he asked Sinha, ‘Aur woh lifafa (what about the envelope)?
Sinha was astonished since he had told no one about the meeting and he did not act on what was requested.
Unless the prime minister deliberately shuts his eyes there is no difficulty in knowing everything. It would be incredible that the prime minister would not know. The system is so structured.

How long will Dr. Manmohan Singh continue to fool people by constantly lying ? If his job is to know nothing then why not have a real piece of cow dung in prime minister’s chair? Tomorrow China might attack India and Manmohan Singh will claim that he dint know anything about it.

Manmohan Singh has already lost the “Paragon of Virtue” deception he had created for aam adami. It is time we see him as a despicably dishonest person.

CWG league!

There is not need to get distressed over the news of falling ceilings and collapsing bridges days before CWG is about to begin. External and utterly unreliably sources tell me that Congress has decided to create a “CWG League” (based on justice league) to set things straight.

CWG league is going to save the “Izzat and aabroo” of our great nation. They are going to restore the already ruptured hymen of our country’s claim on anything that sounds like “efficiency and competence”.

The leader of the CWG league complained to my source saying “why do people bother so much about a collapsed ceiling ? Weren’t in one of the greatest games organized in India, the winner “Ram” ended up breaking a bow of antic value  and still the kind was forgiving and got him married to his daughter. There is no faith in our people’s heart these days. We are here to restore it”.

Let me introduce the CWG League team here.

1. Leader : Kalman

Among all the superheros world has seen this man’s name resembles the most to his alter ego. Kalman is going to wear a black dress just like batman. He will add some padding to his chest (not silicon) to hide his paunch and make him look muscular. Even though in real life he has been a pilot Kalmaan is going to ride a bicycle. “Bat-Bicyle” is hired from Pune’s Sadashiv Saykal Bhadyane Milnyache Dukaan. To keep it in line with everything else related to CWG this bat-cycle is hired at a rate of Rs 300 per hour instead of standard Rs. 3 per hour.

Kalman is going wear a black mask and on that he is going to wear his spectacles and then he will roam around the CWG venue. He will look at the real estate. When no one is looking he is going to clean up the toilets, put the Rs 4000 per role toilet paper there, clean the roads, apply re-enforcing concrete to sagging structures.

Kalman though has strong regrets. He admits that his real-life alter ego is blamed for everything that’s related to CWG failure, its not the fault of him alone. In fact there were many who came in his mask as depicted by the following picture.

2. Robin

Jahan batman hai wahan robin bhi hoga. This superhero (!) of ours manages to get publicity out of his planned heroic acts. Sleeping in a dalits home traveling in mumbai local. Albeit the latter one is certainly a heroic act. Kalman has not yet managed it while Robin has.

Even though people have complained that Robin’s heroics acts have never had substance and most of it looked something like the video below

Instead of going to CWG venue Robin will go to villages and sleep, dine with dalits. He will first give his schedule to all the media guys. He will then travel by a bull-cart on the road that was sanction to be built during his grandfather’s time but not yet built. Then he will work with NREGS workers on a project that is supposed to dig a whole and then close it back. Robin is going to plant a babool tree on top of that hole which will be names after his father.

Just like Bharat took Ram’s paduka several congress leaders in those areas will be ready to lift his footwear.

One might wonder what this has got to do with CWG. Those brainless morons will never understand Robin’s smart strategy. Since most of the cameraman will be busy covering Robin’s activities fewer cameras will be focused on CWG thus it will hide the shame.

3. ShehenshahSingh

Shehensha Singh had initially thought that he would wipe the floor and contribute to CWG’s glory. His real life identity does not have much work besides reading speeches and he thought he would clean up the whole CWG floor in few days. But the most efficient man in his country suggested that it will not be enough. Shensha Sing has taken his word for it.

Now with his iron hand he is going to roam around the “sunsan sadak” during “andheri raats”.

“I like my iron hand a lot” —  said Shehensha Singh. “I dont get to use it in my real life neither can I can clean up despite being the most clean man”.

With the $35 vacuum cleaner fitted to my iron hand I will clean up entier CWG venue in no time. Said ShahenshahSingh.

If there is anything that can save CWG from turning an ugly mess its the heroic act of some superhero. We all know the reality of superheros dont we ?

Jokes apart , I wish a grand and mega-grand failure to CWG. Let the world do a “cheee thooo” on us. Let this event get recorded in history as the most shameful thing in India’s history excluding the Gandhi family blunders. And if the fellow citizens have “drunk their maa kaa doodh” will take this shame a bit more seriously. It is too much to expect that the guilty be punished but at least the reality that we are a “super-power” will be proved a myth.

Some friends argue that its India’s image that’s going to get hurt and we should not wish bad for our country. I dont agree. The failure of CWG will only reflect the underlying reality of Indian government. While we have some good example in private sector our government does nothing but to shout slogans. This utter incompetence needs to come before the world.

This bird must be killed

When I see a toaster malfunctioning and when I write software with bugs I know how complex even ordinary things are. So I always wondered how people really trust airlines with their life when it is such complex machine. Couple it with governments incomparable intelligence for messing up things and I made my mind never to fly by Indian Airlines.

Why a government should be in aviation business is something that my naive mind doesn’t understand. It has nothing to with national security, public good, governance etc. There are several other airlines which running in this country which offer a far better service.

Today’s news reads that this company has registered losses of Rs. 1.2 billion dollars. All this money came from my pocket and was wasted on over aged air hostesses, pilots who molest air hostesses, ministers flying and drunk passengers. My hard earned money was drained by the people I cant stand for 5 minutes.

There are several ironies that exist in our country. One of them is “a self proclaimed pro-poor (read pro-poverty) government running a service affordable only to 10% of it’s people”. This pro-poor government which apparently goes wrong on every economic aspect is headed by a “honest” man who owns a Phd. in economics.

When Arun Shourie went ahead with disinvestment he was termed as anti-poor, scandalous and what not. Both congress and media were up in arms against him. They argued that government is ought to be in the business of running hotels, bankrupt business and communication. Now that they are in power they are all for reforms.

They justify their moves by saying even NDA did the same thing. They too disinvested and we too are disinvesting.

There is a fundamental difference.

Government should not run businesses because it is simply not good at it. It not only screws up things it also holds back the potential of that particular industry. For example VSNL after being acquired by TATA has grown leaps and bounds. It has also significantly improve the quality of services thats available to industries. (Though they are still far from what is required).

When these businesses run in losses they inflict much more damage. They act as a sink of valuable public money. The $1.2b wasted by Air India could have been used to do so many wonderful things. It was a sufficient amount to fund the new 7 IITs. It was enough to build couple of more sea links.

The idea behind disinvestment is not just selling some of your assets to save your ass for a year or more but it should be strategic. It must be done is a way that it not only gets money to government but also changes the way in which it is being managed. This is possible only if you get rid of majority stake. This is precisely is not happening.

Disinvestment in AirIndia will be a gross mistake if the government does sell it’s majority stake and changes it’s management. Rather with such huge liabilities no will be ready to acquire this bird in any ways. I guess it must be killed. But then no will like to kill the bird that lays golden egg worth $1.2b in they backyard.