Singh is an idiot

When we were kids breaking rules was a thrill. And when we got caught we would often claim ignorance and get away with it.

I am not supposed to get calculator for the exam??? Oh I dint know that, sorry. take it back and let me continue the exam.

As I grew up I realized that the true strength of character lies in accepting responsibility even if it brings a momentary setback. I am sure almost everyone learns that lesson. However our Prime Minister who has decorated so many facy posts who flaunts a Phd in economics has not learned this lesson.

In Goa we have a metaphor to describe something ineffective, immovable and incapable of acting on it’s own. Its “lump of cow dung”. Some congress leaders in Goa use to proudly say a few years back that even a lump of cow dung can get elected on a congress ticket in “so and so” constituency. In my opinion Manmohan Singh, a man who deserves no respect but a deep contempt from the countrymen has finally reached a station where he can be called “lump of cow dung”.

He apparently did not know that Votes were purchased to keep his government afloat. The whole country saw BJP MPs showing cash in parliament. If Manmohan Singh had even slightest trace of honesty within him and unless he had kept his eyes and ears shut throughout, would have questioned his own party-men. Of course assuming he has some authority in the party. IB reports directly to the Prime Minister. They would have told him what was the reality. But he dint do anything like that because the concept of honesty and integrity was foreign to him. He could not question anyone around him because he is a lump of cow dung.

The very reason why Manmohan Singh was made prime minister was because no one in the party considered him dangerous. A man without ambitions, a man without guts, a man incapable of acting against anyone no matter what happens. In this case Manmohan Singh has chosen not to act despite the immense harm that is brought to this nation. Not that he was capable of stopping it but he could have chosen not to be part of it. Instead this jerk has been denying that such things have happened.

Indian system gives immense power to the Prime Minister. If he is good at his job he can know what very few people know. Reiterating a story that Arun Shourie told in an interview.

The prime minister of India has unlimited power. Our system is so structured that the PM knows everything.
Yashwant Sinha [ Images ], when he was finance minister, told me an incident. He got a message from a leader of the state that s/he wanted to see him. He asked Prime Minister (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee if he could can meet that person. Vajpayee said he could meet her/him.
When Sinha went to the state he met the particular leader without anyone knowing about it. He had lunch and talked about all sorts of things. At the end of it, the leader gave him an envelope. He kept it in his pocket. He came to New Delhi and only then opened it.
It was a legal brief on why cases against that leader should not be pursued by the Enforcement Directorate. He put the envelope in his drawer and did nothing about it. He forgot the case.
Several days later he met Vajpayee and spoke about his meeting with the state leader. Vajpayee listened quietly and kept looking at him. At the end of the meeting he asked Sinha, ‘Aur woh lifafa (what about the envelope)?
Sinha was astonished since he had told no one about the meeting and he did not act on what was requested.
Unless the prime minister deliberately shuts his eyes there is no difficulty in knowing everything. It would be incredible that the prime minister would not know. The system is so structured.

How long will Dr. Manmohan Singh continue to fool people by constantly lying ? If his job is to know nothing then why not have a real piece of cow dung in prime minister’s chair? Tomorrow China might attack India and Manmohan Singh will claim that he dint know anything about it.

Manmohan Singh has already lost the “Paragon of Virtue” deception he had created for aam adami. It is time we see him as a despicably dishonest person.