The Bull is slaughtered! The Bear Prevails!

Aussies winning spree was unexpectedly ended by the Indians though it will still take time to find out who ended the dream run at Indian stock markets and put it in a reverse gear.

To be politically correct I don’t thinks its an ‘end’ to the bull run but a step backwards to jump still ahead.  Though markets react unexpectedly to diffrent events I wonder what triggered the fall this time.

The stock markets crashed unexpectedly. Tata’s Nano was just making a news, Reliance Power IPO was the biggest ever, WIPRO had cool quarterly results etc. etc. But the markets still crumbled like Australian middle order in Perth.

The first thing the experts did was to say that “it was not expected” and they candidly admitted that it was only they (the respective expert) who had actually foreseen it for the obvious reasons. The so called obvious reasons become obvious only after the incident has happened. After millions of Rupees are wasted.

An enquiry in stock markets would be highly desirable in my opinion at this stage though it will be very non-political. This will have a negative impact and 2 positive impact in my opinion.

The Negative:
Just because the government has inititated an enquiry people and FIIs will assume that there is something worng going on. And the markets will fall again causing many people loosing their money

The Positive:

The Enquiries are seen as ‘loosing credibility’ stuff which in turn cause the currency to drop by little. If the rising rupee is a problem this could be natural but temporary solution.

If the enquiry comes out well. It will be proved that the Indian stock markets are clean, thus improving the image further.

I need not state it, but its an very immature statement on my behalf neverthless I genuinely feel that the government must initiate some search and eliminate operations in financial scenario.

RAW and IB, as I hope are doing the same.